AstroCancer Rising: Eyes to the Soul Dreamer

April 16, 2018by Stella Mars0

Our Rising Sign is the zodiacal sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment we were birthed onto Planet Earth. In an esoteric concept it is the astrological portal through which we decide to enter this world, as we leave behind the realm our souls existed in before we took on earthly form.

Our Rising Sign not only details for us our physical characteristics, as it influences the size and shape our physical bodies take, but it gives us very deep insight into who we really are. Our inner soul, our inner spiritual nature, if you will, comes forth through our Rising Sign. Knowing something about our Rising Sign can help us better understand ourselves, and our chosen life path.

Rising Signs change in two-hour intervals, and the entire zodiac is represented in one 24-hour period. Therefore, your soul had the chance to break through to this world through any one of the 12 zodiac signs.

The sign it chooses is the one you will embody physically, emotionally and spiritually in many ways. If you know the time of your birth, you can find out your Rising Sign through an ephemeris, and many astrology books, magazines, and websites offer the means for you to determine it. If you don’t know the precise moment of your birth, try to formulate a time as close to your birth as possible. Narrowing it down to a morning, afternoon, evening, or late night birth will help you to zero in on your Rising Sign, even if you can’t judge the time down to the minute.

If you simply cannot come up with a time whatsoever, it can help to read the physical descriptions of each of the 12 Rising Signs, since your Rising Sign has a large impact on your physical appearance. By a combination of approximate time of birth, and physical and personality descriptions, you should be able to hone in on your correct Rising Sign.

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