AstroCreate Abundance Sagittarius in 2018

December 4, 2017by Stella Mars0

The next 13 months are asking you to integrate the lessons around abundance that you have been receiving. What have you learned about being affirmed by your colleagues over the past year? What positive feedback loops have you established by sharing your visions for the future?  What growth have you been able to experience by way of sharing yourself more freely with your community?

Jupiter’s time in Scorpio asks you to seek affirmations from your inner life. Responding to cues that only you are able to pick up on. This year seeks to help you strengthen your connection to your internal compass. It aims to help you feel affirmed from your own sources. It encourages you to get answers from your guides, your gut and your intuition.

These confirmations from your psyche will help you to bring in abundance on the material realm. Hidden sources of wealth will be revealed to you. Unknown talents. Unforeseen help. Untapped potential.  Believe in the abilities that lay in wait within. Let them wait no longer.

There’s a bit of sleuthing that you’ll be required to do this year as well. Part of this transit will help you to understand old hurts, wounds and psychological baggage that you have been carrying around. This unpacking is asked of you at a time where you are able to witness these aspects with a greater self-awareness, self-love and self-respect than usual. Remember that at this time you are more likely to feel aided by ancestors and guardians from your lineages. This is a time were you are likely to understand that you are not alone. Not because of the number of friends that come through your door from week to week, but because of the sheer number of times you know yourself to be the embodiment of your ancestors’ blessings. 

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